Giant African land snails: Pet or Pest?

Originally from East Africa, the Giant African snail is now damaging plants in many countries throughout the world. Some of its spread has been deliberate as people have taken these snails as a novelty pets into their homes. In the correct climate, snails that escape can become widespread. Since exotic snails are likely to escape and spread. This causes problems for all kinds of plants and the eco system in Australia, therefore exotic snails from overseas including giant African snails are prohibited. They have been identified as National Priority Plant Pests, with the giant African snail at the top of the list.  Due to its voracious nature. More than 500 plant species would be targeted by the giant African snail, including most vegetables, flowers, banana, citrus, and the natural environment.

What should I look out for?

Giant African snails are around six to seven times bigger than your common garden snail. They have a

distinctive conical shell usually twice as long as it is wide. They have a long, narrow, cone-shaped shell that is usually 5 to 10 cm long, but can reach up to 20 cm. They can vary in colour but are mainly light brown with striped brown and magnolia bands on it. They lay yellow eggs about 5 mm across, in batches of 200-500.

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