What are sandflies? And how to stop them

Sand Flies or Sand Fly are known also as Sand Gnat. Unfortunately for us they have the ability is to bite and suck blood much like you may compare to a mosquito. But mosquitoes seem manageable compared to these blood sucking midges. Their bites are considerably larger in comparison to mosquito bites. The bites are mostly red in color and are raised and may itch in some cases. In addition to this they are able to spread a number of diseases such as pappacti fever.and leishmaniasis.

How do I get rid of these pests and prevent them?

There are many different methods for getting rid of pesky sand flies, although the method will depend on each situation and area of infestation. Below are some ways in which you can get rid of sand flies. First off stay away from areas where they are present, especially at dawn and dusk. When they are more active. Also stop watering your yard around dusk as midges are attracted to shady humid areas. Aim to wear protective clothing in the early morning, late afternoon, and evenings. This includes long sleeve pants, long sleeve shirts etc. to avoid bites In the cases where you do get bit the application of a cold compress, or wet cloth will provide some relief. An anti-histamine can help with the swelling and itchiness as well.

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