How do pests get resistant to chemicals?

Insects unfortunately are known for their incredible (and annoying) ability to develop resistance to insecticides. At the moment multiple species of insects are resistant to almost every chemical insecticide used.

Insects are not the only pests that can become resistant to chemicals, Rats also can become resistant, much like the saying goes what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is the case for rats. Ingesting a small amount of poison and surviving it will slightly mutate the DNA of the rat.

A lot of pests create large numbers of offspring, for example insects have large broods. With such a large number of new pests this increases the chances of mutations to occur and also ensures an increase in resistant populations. Upon initially being exposed to insecticides, insects that do not carry a resistance die off, this means that the insects with the resistant genes survive and reproduce, creating more resistant insects.

How do I find the right pesticide for me?

It is vital that you contact a pest control company for recommendations or treatments, every pest problem is unique so the answers to the problem must also be bespoke in many cases. Make sure you are in contact with a pest professional regularly for prevention tips and to maintain your properties safety.

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