How to care for snake bites

First of all you need to seek immediate medical attention. This means calling emergency services as soon as possible, as even if the bite is not painful early on, you should still treat it as if it’s potentially life threatening. If you are able to identify the snake it can help with treatment. After this make sure to remove any jewelry or accessories, as these items can cut off circulation if swelling occurs. Also keep the area of the bite below the heart in order to slow the spread of venom throughout the blood stream. Remain still and calm if you are able to, roll on to your side and rest in the recovery position. Moving about will cause the venom to spread quicker throughout the body.

Whilst these tips are useful measures to take, the most common medicinal treatment for a snake bite is to use an antivenom. This should be administered to the victim who got the bite as quick as possible.

How do antivenoms work?

snake. Their blood serum is then processed, as it will contain antibodies capable of neutralizing the effects of venom. There are antivenoms that treat bites from a specific type of snake and also those that are somewhat more general and treat bites from multiple snakes found in a particular region

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