How to prevent snake bites

If you are travelling to a place which is home to snakes it is vital that you never go barefoot or wear sandals when walking in areas where you have limited visibility and especially if you can not see where you are placing your feet. Wearing proper hiking boots and long trousers offer a good layer of protection from unexpected encounters with a snake. Make sure to stay on trails when hiking, staying well away from underbrush and tall grasses. Snakes can rest almost anywhere that is hidden from view and enables them to hide from predators. Trails tend to have fewer hiding places for snakes, but they do offer a level of protection for you. Brush offers protection for snakes.

Do not touch or engage a snake, even if it looks dead. Snakes play dead like this to surprise and kill their prey. Be sure not to mistake their still bodies as a safe reason to investigate. Shockingly even snakes that have just been killed may still be able to bite.

Is there anything else I should do to avoid getting bit?

One of the most effective things to do other then the preventative measures we have already discussed is to make sure you are walking in locations with wide paths, this helps avoid any planned sneak attacks on your ankles and also gives you greater visibility of any possible threats.

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