Sanitary Bins

Sanitary bins are vital in the commercial washroom environment as they keep toilets safe and hygienic. Lack of sanitary supplies and sanitary bins can actually pose a health risk to anyone who uses these toilets. Taking care of sanitary supplies regularly is also very important.

In addition to that, not having adequate sanitary disposal sends a wrong message about your company. It shows that hygiene and your customers’ health and safety aren’t important issues for your business, putting your reputation at risk.

It is necessary for businesses to provide sanitary bins for legal reasons but ultimately, they are used to keep washrooms hygienic and to avoid damaging the environment and sewage systems. Unfortunately, the majority of women are far more likely to try and flush their tampons and pads rather than leave them on bathroom floors if there is no disposal bin available. This can lead to big business costs if you have to call in the plumber. Waste can also end up in waste-water streams if not disposed of in the correct manner, so by providing sanitary bins you can ensure you are minimizing your impact on the environment.

There are different styles of sanitary bins and ideally, users will not have to touch them to dispose of their sanitary waste. Our sanitary disposal bins are high quality and stylish. The bins are discreet, easy to use and suited to all businesses.