What to do before and after pest control

Pest control companies are professionals that aim to eliminate any pest threats in your home or property via preventative measures or by eliminating existing threats. But what can you do before and after a pest control service visits to best protect your property?

What you can do before pest control

It is important to remove any large pieces of furniture or appliances away from corners of your property. This will give an ease of access to pest control professionals so they can get into the corners where most pests tend to thrive. It also means your furniture and appliances are safe from any spills and spray of the chemicals used during the treatment. 

One of the problems with pests is that they find their way into all corners of yours house from top to bottom. This means for effective treatment; Your pest controller will need access to any areas with an infestation which could be up in ceiling void or down in the crawl space. For pests like cockroaches and ants, they will likely also need to get into kitchen cabinets and drawers so it’s helpful if these are relatively clear so bait and chemicals can be placed effectively. However, one thing to consider is that you don’t want to clean your house too thoroughly. Pest controllers look for signs of activity such as rodent droppings, cockroach egg cases and marks, or other signs to deduce where the activity is coming from. So, it can be more effective to save the clean-up until later

• Ensure that your clothes, children’s toys, jewelry electronics, toiletries, etc. are all packed away, ideally after covering them in plastic wrapping. Store them inside cabinets and if possible, seal the gaps of the doors and drawers with tape. 

• Remove all bed sheets, covers, cushions, pillows, mattresses, etc. and store them away. If you run out of storage space, use plastic wrapping.

• Cover your sofas, chairs, and tables with plastic wrapping. Covering them with cloth sheets may not be adequate as the chemicals can penetrate them.

What can you do during pest control

This is dependent on what the pest being tackled is, If it is a pest that requires a chemical agent it may be that you need to vacate the premises for a while as the pest control company takes care of the issue. If, however the pest problem is localized it is still important that you still stay well away from the pests. Interfering with the professionals and their work could affect the job and therefore your safety later down the line so it is important there is space for them to work effectively. 

What can you do after pest control

One of the most important things to do is keep in contact with those who helped clear your property of pests, this is essential as some pest problems can be recurring or seasonal. And in some cases, you may have important questions to ask about future preventative measures. Another important thing to consider is that when you are moving your furniture back and other belongings you don’t accidentally damage measures that have been left behind such as places that have been recently sealed shut or traps for certain pests.

Can I handle some of these situations myself?

It’s also important, particularly with pests such as bed bugs or termites, not to make DIY attempts at removal before your pest controller visits. Spraying chemicals that can be purchased over the counter will kill the insects you can see, but simply repel the ones you can’t see, spreading the issue about and reducing the chance of an effective and targeted treatment.

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