Why is termite baiting better than using chemicals?

Termite Baiting happens to be highly effective in fixing termite infestations in comparison to the more conventional liquid insecticide sprays and soil treatment which you may have heard of before. Liquid insecticide often is able to kill certain quantities of termites but usually falls short of killing the termite queen and king which keep reproducing every day. Making your problem continue. Termite baiting is much more effective in this way.

How does termite baiting work exactly?

The best and the most reliable method of eliminating termites is the use of baits. It is safe because it is targeted towards the pests and does not affect other animals or humans unlike sprays which potentially can. Termite baits consist of cardboard, or other termite food, combined with a slow acting substance that is lethal to termites. The bait must be attractive enough to compete against the presence of competing tree roots, stumps, woodpiles etc. also found in the area. If the bait kills too quickly dying or dead termites may accumulate in the area of the bait station, increasing the chance of other termites avoiding it. Delayed action bait also greatly enhances transmission of the lethal substance to other termites, including those that weren’t initially feeding on the bait such as the termite king and queen we mentioned earlier.

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