Sydney DOES have bed bugs

Bed bugs are prolific tourists, and once they move into your home, they’re notoriously hard to deport. A few decades ago, Sydney residents proudly boasted that they had no bed bugs within their borders. Unfortunately, a particularly fertile family must have found its way in, and now we’re as vulnerable to bed bugs as the rest of Australia.

What Are Bed Bugs in Sydney?

Sydney DOES have bed bugs _ Competitive Pest Services

Bed bugs are really tiny, so unless your sheets are incredibly white, you might not see them. It’s more likely that you’ll see their ‘luggage’ rather than the insects themselves. Bed bugs are frequent moulters, especially as they shed off their childhood shells. During puberty, they shed their skin five to six separate times, so look for flaky insect shells.

The reason that nursery rhyme warns you not to ‘let the bed bugs bite’ is that they’re notoriously messy eaters. They slurp the blood out of you, leaving smears and stains on your sheets. You might also find little black patches of bed bug excreta or teeny tiny white bed bug eggs. At this point, you should probably boil your beddings.

How do you check your luggage for Bed Bugs in Sydney Australia?

Sydney DOES have bed bugs _ Competitive Pest Services

Remember that bed bugs are migrant. That’s how they got to Sydney in the first place. They can hitch a ride in moving boxes, guest luggage, or shoes. If you’ve visited an infested movie hall, they might get into your clothes and follow you home.

Of course, it’s rather impolite to inspect the bags of everyone that gets into your house. They’ll have had enough searches at the airport, train, or bus station. However, once you spot an attack, try to figure out when it started. If it came after a journey or some time spent in a dark, crowded hall, check the bag and clothes you wore that day.

Bed bugs know all about these surprise inspections, so they will soon evacuate soft furnishings for a safer nest inside bed frames and chair joints. Shine a torch in those cracks and crevices to see where the little critters may be hiding. You should also look in closets and floorboards, as well as cushions and pillows. Don’t forget to check the sheets.

Evolution of Bed Bug armour:

There are horror stories of bed bug infestations shutting down major hotels. So it’s not just seedy joints that get attacked. Bed bugs are equal opportunity pests and can invade a 5-star hotel just as easily as the lost-and-found box at a train station. Unfortunately, the more they travel, the more resistant they become to typical methods of bed bugs pest control.

The secret is in their cuticle. Each time they moult, they grow a tougher shell, and these street-savvy bugs have begun to develop outer casings that protect them from bug spray. You, therefore, need a pesticide that is tough enough to perforate their armour, but gentle enough to keep your kids, pets, and food sources safe. Lucky for you, we have just the thing.

To rid your bed of bugs in Sydney, call Competitive Pest Control Services now on 1300 395 769.

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