Sydney’s Main Spider Breeds

There’s a nasty rumour that Australia is home to the world’s most dangerous spiders. This had led many locals and tourists terrified of every eight-legged thing that skitters across their floors. Fortunately, despite their screech-inducing reputations, most spiders are harmless, even though they offer bustling work for spider control in Sydney. And, of course, their mostly benign nature doesn’t make it any less creepy when you get attacked by unseen spider webs…


, Sydney’s Main Spider Breeds

Some spiders like it wet, but redbacks prefer dry, low traffic spaces. They might nestle beneath your toilet seat, inside your mailbox, or out in the garden shed. It’s easy to spot them because they have a large belly with a distinctive red stripe that stands out on their pitch-black bodies. Fortunately, that intimidating appearance comes with tiny fangs.

While redback venom can be quite potent, their diminutive fangs mean minimal amounts are released when they bite you. It’s thought that roughly 2,000 people get bites every year, but only about 250 require anti-venom. Bites can be painful and will continue to hurt for several hours or even days, but the effects usually wear off on their own.

The female redback does most of the biting. She is larger than her male counterpart, and her bites cause lethargy, nausea, and general malaise. Ordinary cupboard spider bites can cause similar symptoms, so try and get a good look at the spider that bit you. It’ll help you get the right antidote. Redback anti-venom will cure cupboard spider bites though.


Sydney funnel web

, Sydney’s Main Spider Breeds

Despite its benign-sounding name, the Sydney funnel-web is considered one of the world’s most dangerous spiders. It has large, tough fangs larger than a brown snake’s. These fangs can pierce through toenails, so you don’t want to encounter them barefoot.

Unlike many spiders, its head and abdomen are about the same size. Its head and legs are black while it’s lower portion is a malty brown. The venom from a male can kill, but since the spider is common in New South Wales, antidotes are readily available, and we’ve had no fatalities in the recent past.

The Sydney funnel-web mostly stays away from humans, preferring to remain in forests and greenery. They might take a swim in your pool or look for dark, humid corners of your home. They can get aggressive if you bump into them, so if you identify one, give it a wide berth.



, Sydney’s Main Spider Breeds

Like white-walkers, white-tail spiders are often assumed to be zombie cannibals. The cannibal part is true. These nocturnal predators hunt other spiders. They are also rumoured to produce flesh-eating venom, though there’s no scientific evidence to support this urban legend. And while they do have an icy white tip on their tails, they’re not undead.

White-tails don’t burrow like many spiders. They’re vagrant, and their bite doesn’t do much harm. It causes mild pain on the surface of the bite, but that’s it. You won’t need anti-venom, and you’re relatively safe from it – unless of course, you’re a spider, in which case … run!

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