Do Spiders Nest?

Spiders are useful around your home as they control other insects, but it can be unnerving if you find a nest, especially where someone – such as a child – could disturb them. It’s crucial that you locate and identify a spider’s nest, not only on the off-chance someone disturbs them, but, so your home doesn’t become overrun with spiders.

How to locate a nest?

Look in the corners of door openings and windows on the outside of your home, also look around trees, bushes and other shrubberies. Spiders generally like to make nests in dark and cluttered places such as sheds and garages. Be sure to move boxes to check the area or room thoroughly.

Understand what it *is* that you are looking for as some spiders carry their nest with them making them difficult to locate. Others cover their nest with large amounts of silk to conceal it from predators. Egg sacks are usually milky coloured and can contain several hundred or thousand eggs, so be careful. If you find one call a spider control service immediately.

Some people are tempted to pick the nest up and dispose of it, but you risk damaging the nest and harming yourself, so it is best to let spider control services handle the problem. If you have found a nest, it’s a good idea to have a pest control treatment carried out to prevent a spider from being able to build a nest again.

In spring you will find an increase in the spider population around your home, spiders will have built their nests and webs in places where they won’t be disturbed, and generally build nests closer to the ground.

Some homes seem more *vulnerable* to spiders than others. This can be down to where you live – near a field or park or bushland, homes in a new construction area such as a new housing estate, while other homes just have more trees, plants and bushes surrounding their home which increases the bug activity that spiders feed on. Others may just have spider activity that has accumulated over the years – probably because they have not called on residential pest or spider control Sydney to deal with the problem. Spider’s eggs can have hundreds of babies inside them and if there is nothing in place, or nothing has been done to control them homes will see a spike in spider numbers when those eggs hatch.

There are a few things you can do to deter spiders from building a nest near your home – remove any clutter that’s laying around your yard and home if you have items stacked up against your house rearrange them or move them to a new area. Sweep up any webs that you see around the outside of your home.

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