Termites Are a Real Threat to Sydney Homes

Sydney has been rated the second highest risk category for termite attack in Australia, according to research by the CSIRO. This makes Sydney second only to the tropical regions in the far north. Ultimately this means that every property in Sydney is at risk of an attack by termites so need termite protection.

Are Termites A Real Threat In Sydney?

In Australia, there are several different species of termites, but the one that causes the most damage to homes in Sydney is the Subterranean termite. These termites invade buildings via a network of tunnels, and they build underground. These tunnels can radiate up to 50 meters from the main nest colony.

This destructive species live in underground nests that contain millions of termites. The main problem occurs when a nest matures near your home, as it provides them with a food source and a natural shelter. Thanks to their complex network of tunnels they can find food sources up to a hectare away. Even concrete slabs don’t act as a barrier.

Termites cannot move over the ground like other insects and need high moisture levels to be able to survive, and they get this moisture from the soil. As termites need high humidity and temperatures their nests cannot be exposed as they would dry out. Termites use *shelter tubes* at night to move around, these tubes allow them to gain access – to your home and food. These tubes almost always originate from the ground and are found in walls and subfloor structures such as brick piers.

Homes should be designed and built with barriers to prevent access by termites; these barriers can be chemical or physical. Your local termite control service provider and termite inspection Sydney can advise you on ways to keep them out.

Signs you have a Termite Problem

  1. Termites like sound, some make clicking sounds while soldier termites bang their heads against the wood to warn of danger. The worker termites are noisy eaters – if you put your ear to the wall, you can hear them munching away.
  2. Usually, the first signs of a termite infestation are the presence of flying termites. These are male and female termites who have left the nest to mate and form a new colony, and some species are attracted to light while others swarm during the day.
  3. One common mistake is confusing termites with ants or calling termites *white ants*, although they are similar in shape and size. Termites are a light colour usually a white/cream that can look translucent. Compared to ants the termite antenna is straight, not elbowed. There is no such thing as a *white ant* if you have spotted an insect that looks like an ant that is white you may have a problem and should call your local termite control services.
  4. Termites consume wood from the inside out leaving a thin layer of timber or paint, and when you knock on a damaged area it will sound hollow that’s because all the interior has been eaten away.

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