How Pest Issues Vary Between Sydney and Brisbane

Pretty much every different area in Australia has its own *unique* pest/insect issues, where you live determines what spiders or other pests are more common. Pest control is essential and necessary – wherever you live, so let’s see the common pests in Sydney Vs the common pests in Brisbane.

Pest Control isuee between Sydney and Brisbane


How Pest Issues Vary Between Sydney and Brisbane_ Competitive Pest Services

The heat and humidity in Sydney is the perfect breeding ground for a range of pests.

  • Spiders, these appear especially during times of rain and usually don’t pose an on-going problem like other pests. They can be dangerous, however, and all spiders should be treated with caution. Over the counter, fly/bug spray will generally kill spiders around your home but seek professional pest control if you have an infestation.
  • Flies, Australia is well known for flies, and they can be easily dealt with, keep flyscreens closed and a can of fly-spray close by.
  • Cockroaches are an unfortunate consequence of the Australian environment in Sydney and Brisbane, again a good spray will keep them at bay, but German cockroaches can be hard to eradicate on your own.
  • Ants, while a few aren’t a problem when you have an *army* invading you can be in for trouble, while you can eliminate them in your house, you will need residential pest control to help eliminate the nest.
  • Termites, are found throughout Australia and can destroy a home quickly, they are a serious pest that needs to be exterminated as soon as possible.
  • Fleas thrive well both indoors and outdoors, and a female flea can lay several hundred eggs which means infestations can get out of hand quickly.


How Pest Issues Vary Between Sydney and Brisbane_ Competitive Pest Services

  • Cockroaches, there are a few different species of cockroach in Brisbane including the Australian Cockroach, the Australian cockroach is an introduced species. The American Cockroach is a larger species that lives in the kitchen, under the fridge, around dishwashers or in the basement. The Smokey Brown Cockroach is smaller and only comes out at night; it can often be found under logs and tree bark.
  • Termites, while there are over 300 different species of Termite the native Coptotermes is the most prevalent and damaging.
  • Bed Bugs, your worst nightmare, they are hard to see, if you wake with bites and small droplets of blood on your sheets, chances are you have bed bugs.
  • Ants, Brisbane is home to a few species of ants including, Black House Ants, Green Ants or Green Head Ants and Fire Ants. Fire Ants are a dangerous introduced species with a bite that can be harmful to both humans and pets.
  • Wasps, most of the species seen in and around Brisbane are the yellowjacket wasp and the European and English wasp. All will sting, and they build nests out of chewed wood pulp and salvia, these nests start off small, but they can become as large as footballs.

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