Why We Started CPS?

We have a bit of a reputation around the world. We’ve heard people say they’d never come to Australia because ‘everything there can kill you.’ Blame it on the spiders and the sharks, of course, once people get here, they love it so much that they never want to leave! CPS would like to think we play a part in that, seeing as we offer commercial pest control services in three states, and have offices all the way from Hobart to Perth and Darwin.

We started in 1992 as one-man bug-killing machine named Gary Journeaux. The boss likes working with his hands (when he’s not killing bugs, he can be found building houses for the underprivileged in Cambodia). But even the greatest bug-man needs help, and over the 25 years of CPS existence, Gary has expanded our team to more than a hundred technicians and now serves as our Managing Director.

De-pesting homes and businesses

Back in the 90s, there was a very clear segmentation when it came to pest control in Sydney and other places. Businesses would hire top-end exterminators and pay through the nose, while renters and homeowners were stuck with rat traps and bug spray. There wasn’t a pervasive service that covered both commercial and residential pest treatment.

On top of that, the average exterminator seemed more comfortable dealing with pests than humans. They never discussed their process with clients or guided them on best practices.

Family-run pest control

Gary stepped in to fill the gap, using a tested system that is still in place a quarter-century later. First, he ensured that CPS only used environmentally friendly chemicals that are safe for kids and pets (but not for pests, obviously). We are certified as a 100% carbon neutral company, and we have the right HACCP documents for food safety.

We use a research-based approach, and our technicians receive continuous training, so they’re always aware of the most up-to-date pest control technology. On average, we have one training session every month. We also begin our treatment with a thorough inspection to ascertain the extent of the problem and the ideal solution.

Customised detection and prevention

We understand that universal pest problems never have one-size-fits-all treatments. For example, a flea infestation in a home with toddlers needs a different technique from one in an animal shelter. That’s why we come on-site and survey the situation. Then we give you recommendations and a detailed breakdown of cost implications, with no hidden charges.

Another thing we noticed is that many exterminators generalise. They’re probably equipped to handle one particular pest, and then they use that one insecticide on everything, including birds and rats. We take a more tailored approach, with ‘designer’ treatments for spiders, feral animals, termites, ants, and more. And thanks to our routinely updated training, we discover new techniques before anyone else on the market!

For professional, environmentally friendly pest control, call CPS today on 1300 395 769.

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